There are various ways to engage in Northfield’s Earth Day celebrations, as an individual, a group, or a business.


Are you passionate about a particular activity on our schedule? Join in our celebrations as a volunteer! Specific opportunities will be known shortly, but if you want to let us know your availability in advance, please contact us at

Attend Northfield Earth Day
Come downtown to visit us at the Armory and in other locations around town to see what’s happening in Northfield and surrounding areas and learn more about what you can do to make a difference for your environment.

Businesses & Organizations

 Sponsors can either make a $100.00 donation to the event or donate in-kind services.

 Sponsors will have your business name imprinted on all Earth Day promotional materials.

 If you are interested in being a sponsor, please let us know your intent by Friday, March 13, by emailing us at

Become a Supporting Business
For businesses that make, use, or sell locally made or grown products, such as locally sourced yarn, locally made beer, or food served at your establishment that is locally grown, etc., we will promote your business by giving you a “Made Local Grown Local” window decal that you can put in your window prior to Earth Day. We will promote your business on the radio, on our Facebook page, and on a placard at Northfield’s Earth Day event.

 If you are interested in participating as a “Made Local, Grown Local” supporting business please email us by Friday, March 13 at We will drop off a window decal at your business on March 20.

Create an Earth Day Display
If you have a window space or other area that would be ideal for a small Earth Day exhibit, put one up and let us know about it so we can spread the word! Historically, longtime Northfield businesses and organizations such as Jacobsen’s, Perman’s, the Northfield Public Library and other Division Street staples hosted displays addressing waste, pollution, and other topics affecting Northfield and broader communities. In 1970 for the first national celebration of Earth Day, local librarian Mrs. Connie Doty put up a display at the library showing the litter that she had collected on her way to work in the days leading up to Earth Day; in another downtown window space that year, a display was scheduled to show the amount of trash produced in a week by a family of five.

Inspiration for creating your display:
Are you taking any steps to reduce your waste (avoiding excess packaging, utilizing reusable options, etc.)? Are you selling products that support recycling or upcycling industries or efforts? Have you taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint? Does your establishment utilize a composting service? Are you supporting businesses that are mindful of the pollution they create in their manufacturing processes? Have you performed an energy audit on your building? Do you sell or advertise local products? Is your industry or organization particularly affected by a specific environmental issue (ex: fast fashion, overseas recycling/lack of local recycling outlets, food waste, shipping waste and pollution, costliness of access to solutions, etc.)? Are you particularly passionate about a specific environmental issue that deserves our attention?
Let us (your community/patrons/participants/members) know!