Workshops will take place at various locations around the City of Northfield from 9:00 am-12:00 pm on Saturday, April 24th (rain day May 1st). 

River-Friendly, Low Maintenance Lawn Care

Kevin Strauss, Cannon Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP)

Did you know that how you manage your lawn and gardens can have a big impact on water in Northfield?

Whether it’s the fertilizers and herbicides you use (or don’t use), or it’s the height of your lawn, making small changes in how we manage our yards can have a big impact on how clean the Cannon River and our drinking water will be. The good news is that many “clean water” land use practices are actually less expensive and less time consuming than the “standard” yard maintenance practices that we use every day

Learn about simple, easy, low-maintenance ways that you can grow healthier, more climate-change resistant lawns and gardens, while at the same time helping your yard absorb and filter the rain that falls there. We’ll explore rain gardens, lawn maintenance, pollinators, and native plantings, plus you’ll walk away with an awesome “Healthy Lawns/Healthy Rivers” handout. Cannon River Watershed Partnership is presenting this workshop with support from the City of Northfield.

Our Changing Climate and What We Can Do Locally and Nationally

Alan Anderson, Janet Petri, Howard White,
Citizens Climate Lobby Presenters

Group will give a 45-minute to an hour long presentation on “Our Changing Climate and What We Can Do Locally and Nationally”