Online Climate Sessions

Between the sessions: Sponsor highlights and local musicians sharing a song!

8:50 am: Music: Drummers

9:00 am Event Kickoff with Mayor Pownell

9:15-9:50 am Northfield Curbside Composting      
Helen Forsythe

Helen and other composters with NCCC will discuss the importance of composting as a strategy for waste reduction, building soil health, mitigating climate change, and strengthening local economies. They will also talk about their service, how people can sign up, and their plans for growth in the coming years. Additionally, this presentation will uplift the importance of worker cooperatives as a way to build democracy and dignity in the workplace.

9:50 am: Music: Lewis and Dan and the Invisible Band
10:00-10:35 am Carleton College: Geothermal Systems
Martha Larson, Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability at Carleton College, presents “Geothermal Under the Bald Spot: Utility Master Planning for the 21st Century.” When it was constructed in 1910, Carleton’s central utility plant incorporated the most current technologies of its time. One century later, the 2011 Climate Action Plan, 2012 Strategic Plan and 2014 Facilities Master Plan define goals and direction for decades of future campus growth and development. Combined with the need to address aging infrastructure, these plans presented an opportunity to think creatively about the future of Carleton’s central utilities. This presentation will provide an overview of Carleton’s utility planning process and its campus-wide transition to modern technologies such as low-temperature hot water, heat pumps, and geothermal energy.

10:35 am: Music: Parker Ousley

10:45-11:20 am Common Sense Preparedness in Uncertain Times
Karen Olson, FEMA/CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member.

This session aims to provide you with checklists, strategies, and resources for making your home a place that is prepared for many situations where you may experience a disruption to your normal life, such as extreme weather events, energy or infrastructure failure, or, yeah, pandemics. Simple preparations that anyone can do can go a long way to ease your mind during uncertain times.

Using trusted resources from FEMA and the Red Cross, I will take you through 3 levels of preparedness. We’ll cover recommended supplies for food, healthcare, and tools. We’ll cover strategies for building your inventories as well as storage. Finally, we will touch on ways to bolster your physical and mental health for staying calmer, and helpful to others in times of crisis. For more helpful preparedness tips, click here.

11:20 am: Music: Arlo Cristofaro

11:30 am-12:05 pm Cannon River Watershed Partnership: Clean Water and Friendly Lawn Care
Kevin Strauss, Cannon Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP)

Did you know that how you manage your lawn and gardens can have a big impact on water in Northfield?

Whether it’s the fertilizers and herbicides you use (or don’t use), or it’s the height of your lawn, making small changes in how we manage our yards can have a big impact on how clean the Cannon River and our drinking water will be. The good news is that many “clean water” land use practices are actually less expensive and less time consuming than the “standard” yard maintenance practices that we use every day

Learn about simple, easy, low-maintenance ways that you can grow healthier, more climate-change resistant lawns and gardens, while at the same time helping your yard absorb and filter the rain that falls there. We’ll explore rain gardens, lawn maintenance, pollinators, and native plantings, plus you’ll walk away with an awesome “Healthy Lawns/Healthy Rivers” handout. Cannon River Watershed Partnership is presenting this workshop with support from the City of Northfield.

For some River Friendly Lawn Care Tips, click here.

12:05-12:30 pm Lunch on Your Own: LOL
Music: Diane and Timothy Soden-Grove
Music: The Zillionaires

12:30-1:05 pm Main Street Project
Josie Trople

New Mission and Vision Initiatives:
– Urban-Rural Connection: Market and Educational Partners
– Local Food Sovereignty: Strengthening Community Connection and Local Leaders
– Climate Land Leaders: Climate Change Mitigation for and by Landowners
– Land Use Innovations: Pilot Easements and Agrarian Commons
– Perennial Agriculture: On-Farm Research, Demonstration, and Production

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities.

1:05 pm: Music: Chase Ingraham

1:15-1:55 pm Keynote: Pollinator Conservation & Climate Action
Elaine Evans, PhD, Extension Educator and Bee Researcher, University of Minnesota

Elaine Evans is a University of Minnesota Extension Educator and Bee Researcher working on pollinator conservation through research, education, outreach, and community science. She completed her M.S. and Ph.D. in Entomology at the University of Minnesota. She has authored several books: “Befriending Bumble Bees: A Guide to Raising Local Bumble Bees” and “Managing Alternative Pollinators”. As a Climate Reality leader, Elaine works to connect pollinator conservation and climate action.

Pollinators are essential to life as we know it due to their role as connectors, providing food for us and countless other creatures as they gather food for themselves. A million small actions result in food for the planet. We need pollinators and pollinators need a stable climate. We will discuss actions both small and large to conserve pollinators, stabilize climate, and keep essential connections and processes moving.

1:55 pm: Music: Diana Montero

2:00-2:35 pm Novel Energy: Community Solar Gardens
Connor McCarthy

Novel Energy Solutions, LLC, is a Minnesota farm-family-owned business. NES is one of Minnesota’s leading providers for solar energy systems to farmers, businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Together we are making an impact in your community by transforming the future of energy. Choosing solar helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to climate change. So, celebrate Earth Day 2020 by identifying all the ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and join us to learn how solar could help you too!

2:35 pm: Music: Reid Hendershot

2:45-3:20 pm Northfield Climate Action Plan
The City of Northfield adopted a Climate Action Plan in November 2019. The plan is a mix of strategies around climate mitigation to reduce greenhouse gases and resilience and adaptation. Today’s presentation will focus on a short review of the plan, an example of implementation highlighting Growing Up Healthy’s work with manufactured home park residents on home energy savings and weatherization, and a list of ways you can “plug in” in to help implement the Climate Action Plan.

Read the Climate Action Plan at
For FAQs about the Climate Plan and some Northfield Earth Day Energy tips, click here.

3:20 pm: Music: Seth Hanson

3:30-4:05 pm Citizens’ Climate Lobby: Climate Action Scenarios
Citizens’ Climate Lobby demonstrates the En-Roads Simulator

The En-Roads simulator will show that we must move away from fossil fuels. Pricing carbon through federal bi-partisan legislation is a possibility. NO single strategy will succeed, and several strategies are needed. We will demonstrate the En-Roads simulator with audience participation. We will invite people to join CCL or schedule an En-Roads event.

During the En-Roads demonstration, participants will be able to see how different strategies have an impact on keeping our global warming increase below 2 degrees C. before 2100. Some might like to see how re-forestation will help. Others might like to see the impact of electric cars. Others might like to see how new technologies might help. For sure, we will show how carbon pricing has an impact.

4:05 pm: Music: Northfield Justice Choir

4:15-4:50 pm Northfield Cycling Without Age
Tim McKone

Cycling Without Age is an international organization started in 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Ole Kassow. Ole’s dream was to provide an opportunity for elderly people with limited mobility a chance to experience the joy of bicycle riding again. The solution was a three wheel electric assist cycle called a trishaw. Two passengers sit side by side in a front bench seat and the pilot pedals from the back. Ole started offering free trishaw rides to local nursing home residents. Ole’s dream became a reality and has resulted in the formation of an organization called Cycling Without Age which has grown to over 2,000 chapters in over 40 countries. The purpose is to connect elderly citizens with volunteer pilots who give trishaw rides providing an opportunity to experience nature, develop new relationships, and remain active members of society.

Tim McKone will review the process of starting a Northfield chapter of Cycling Without Age and give an update on the purchase of our first trishaw and discuss opportunities for volunteer pilots.

4:50pm: Music: Mary Jo and Helen

Virtual Activities Around Town

9:00 am-5:00 pm Sidewalk Chalk Project-Amy and Michelle there to start off the day
Free. Pick up supplies at Bridge Square. Northfield Earth Day is partnering with the Northfield Arts Guild. We are providing free sidewalk chalk and a flyer that describes suggestions for Earth Day sidewalk art. Art project supplies will be distributed via a bin at Bridge Square starting at 9am. Free seeds will also be available in the bins. Chalk kits will also be in the tiny library’s around town.

9:15 am Virtual Family Yoga with Lila Yoga & Wellness       

10:15 am Virtual Yoga with Prema Yoga 

10:30 am Community Trash Clean Up On Your Own
Need an excuse to get out and get some fresh air? Grab your family and go pick up trash! Clean up is needed at your local parks, along the river and trails.  

12:30 pm Story Time Live from the Northfield Public Library
Live Earth Day Story Time with Emily from the Northfield Public Library! Watch for the Facebook link to “story time” on our website, or go to the Northfield Public Library’s Facebook page.

1:30-2:30 pm Sidewalk Chalk Project
Free. Pick up at Bridge Square. Northfield Earth Day is partnering with the Northfield Arts Guild. We are providing free sidewalk chalk and flyer that describes suggestions for Earth Day sidewalk art. Art project supplies will be distributed via drive-thru at Bridge Square’s postal boxes between the hours of 9:00-10:00 am and 1:30-2:30pm.

2:00 pm Live “Free Food Help Yourself” Garden Bed Demonstration
Click a link on this page for a live garden bed construction demonstration at 2:00 pm. You can click here to find garden bed directions for how to create your own boulevard bed at home.

3:00 pm Virtual Bike Maintenance Demonstration
Watch our website for the link to get live tips for keeping your bike in good working order.