Sign up on the Northfield Shares website under the Northfield Earth Day volunteer umbrella and engage in a variety of sustainability projects put on by many different organizations taking place throughout the year:

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Adopt-a-Catch Basin Program (City of Northfield) – Adopt-a-Catch Basin and help reduce flooding and improve water quality of nearby surface waters, by keeping it free of leaves, debris and litter!

Cannon River Watershed-Wide CleanUP (Clean River Partners)- Join your friends and neighbors to help clean up the Cannon River and riverside parks.

Door Knocking for Compost (Northfield Curbside Compost) – Join Northfield Curbside Compost in door knocking in Northfield and Dundas to inform residents about the importance of composting, and the different options for how to participate.

Free Food Help Yourself Garden Bed Builders – Free Food Help Yourself is a network of boulevard garden bed growers in Northfield who work together to grow food to share with everyone in the community to glean and eat. 

Lawns to Legumes Demonstration Neighborhood Grant – This opportunity is for homeowners or small businesses who want to turn a section of their turf grass into a healthy, true MN native pollinator plot.

Master Recycler/Composter Program – Join fellow waste reduction enthusiasts and inspire others to reduce, reuse and recycle as a Rice County

Master Recycler/Composter! 

Salvatierra Farms – help Salvatierra Farms construct community campsites on the farm. We will be working completely outdoors, clearing underbrush for campsites and constructing wooden platforms for wall tents, this means working with power tools to drill, saw, and assemble wooden platforms.

Weatherization and Home Energy – (Healthy Community Initiative/ Growing Up Healthy) – Growing Up Healthy is working collaboratively with numerous partners in Northfield to assist mobile home residents with various weatherization and home energy tasks, including applying heat tape to water pipes to prevent frozen pipes in winter.

Wildlife Counts – WildlifeCounts is a citizen science wildlife monitoring project that seeks to document the return of wildlife to the Sharing Our Roots Farm. Volunteer to help collect bird and amphibian data and learn more about Minnesota’s native species.